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According to reports provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the concentration of pollutants is likely to be up to ten times higher inside your home than outside.  The majority of people spend an average of ninety percent of their time indoors.  Your home and work environment should provide a safe haven, protecting instead of threatening your health.  When you’re ready to take control of your indoor environment, contact the air quality specialists at Future Aire.  We identify problems and provide proven solutions.  By specializing in Aprilaire products, we bring you a full range of the most technologically advanced options on the market.  Aprilaire has improved indoor health and comfort for more than fifty years.

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With over three decades of experience under our belt, Future Aire recognizes the indoor air quality concerns our residential and commercial customers in St. Louis & the Surrounding Suburbs frequently face.  We answer with a customized strategy, meeting your unique requirements, and resulting in rewarding improvement.  Our licensed and certified technicians work with you, addressing specific issues, and providing the information you need to ensure greater return from your investment.  Family owned and operated, Future Aire takes pride in providing reliable services across Eureka, Manchester, Ballwin, Chesterfield & Wildwood, MO.  We are Your Hometown Heating & Cooling Specialists.

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Home Ventilation Systems:

You’ve probably taken every possible step to eliminate energy losses.  A tightly sealed home prevents conditioned air from escaping, but also traps harmful contaminants inside.  Every time your heating or cooling system operates, the same polluted air is circulated.  Dust, dander, cooking fumes, radon, smoke, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds are contained within the home, degrading air quality, and leading to serious health concerns.  While you can’t always open a window, a proper ventilation system freshens your air, to create a much healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Incorporated into your home’s heating and cooling system, an Aprilaire ventilation system removes stale, contaminated air, and replaces it with fresh, outdoor air.  These rewarding systems distribute filtered and conditioned outdoor air throughout the entire house, and allow control over the quantity and quality of air that is introduced.  Future Aire offers two Aprilaire ventilation system options: the standard Ventilation Control System or the Energy Recovery Ventilator.  Both are designed to achieve superior air quality and maintain ideal comfort in every room of your home.  Our licensed specialists are happy to help you determine which solution is right for your home and family.

Central Dehumidifiers:

Regular, everyday household activities, such as showering, cleaning, and cooking, can introduce up to twenty-five pounds of moisture into your home.  Summer weather in St. Louis & the Surrounding Suburbs is often hot, humid, and downright muggy.  When there’s high humidity within the home, you feel lethargic, uncomfortable, and may have difficulty sleeping.  You’ll notice condensation forming on windows, mirrors, and drinking glasses.  Wood furnishings can rot and warp.  Rooms begin to smell musty, and mold and mildew may grow.  Your home becomes the perfect breeding ground for insects, such as dust mites, cockroaches, and centipedes.

If you’re tired of the consequences of excessive moisture, let Future Aire find the perfect whole-home Dehumidifier for your specific requirements.  We offer a selection of Aprilaire dehumidifiers that work with all major brands of heating and cooling equipment, operating quietly to maintain the ideal level of moisture throughout your home.  Automatic humidity sensing enables the unit to monitor and regulate humidity, without over drying the air.  These systems are low maintenance, requiring nothing more than an annual filter cleaner, and help to remove polluted air.

Zone Control:

Different areas within your home require different levels of conditioning.  Family members have personal preferences for comfort.  Controlling the temperature throughout your home with a single thermostat is inefficient and ineffective.  Everything from a sunny window or a cold wind, to the fact that heat rises, will impact your indoor environment, and can often result in inconsistent temperatures, discomfort, and energy waste.  With Aprilaire Zoned Temperature Control, you individualize settings in up to four zones of your home.  With a system of thermostats electronically connected to the control panel, information is shared between the thermostats.  Conditioned air is provided only where and when you need it, better serving your overall comfort and budget.

There is no maintenance involved with the system.  Only changes in your daily life necessitate adjustments. And with a variety of available options, Future Aire will provide the information and recommendations you need to find the perfect solution to your specific requirements. Regardless of the size, style, or age of your home, you can eliminate hot and cold spots, customize comfort, and when zoned control is combined with a programmable thermostat strategy, you can trim up to 30% off your energy bills.

If you are looking for a way to improve the health of your body and skin in the dry winter months here in Eureka, Manchester, Ballwin, Chesterfield & Wildwood, MO, Future Aire has the solution for you! Aprilaire Humidifiers make for a cost-effective, energy efficient solution to a dry home environment. Give us a call today to find out which type of humidifier will benefit your home situation the most!

Air Cleaners:
When you want to combat viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other airborne contaminants, consider an efficient and effective air cleaning system. Modern purifiers are well beyond simple air filtration. Air cleaners greatly improve air quality by circulating the air while it is cleaned multiple times every hour. When your HVAC system is not running, an air cleaning system is still at work, keeping the air in your home fresh and clean. This continuous work is what makes air cleaners such an effective tool in the defense of the airborne contaminants. For more information on how the purification systems can help the air in your home, give us a call at 636-938-5290.

Take advantage of rewarding features such as:

  • Shared information between your Aprilaire Zoned Control and your Whole-Home Humidifier, Energy Recovery Ventilator, Ventilation Damper, or Whole-Home Air Purifier.
  • Reminders for maintenance needs for your heating and cooling equipment and indoor air quality products.
  • High and low temperature protection for your heating and cooling equipment.
  • Control fan operation by the specific zone to increase ventilation benefits.
  • Access any thermostat from any other thermostat.
  • Name each thermostat to easily distinguish one from another.
  • Display useful information, including indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor relative humidity, time and date, equipment status, and even our phone number here at Future Aire for convenient service.
  • Conserve energy overnight, and wake up to perfect temperatures with Progressive Recovery technology.
  • Targeted control of each specific zone for superior comfort, energy savings, and lower costs.

UV Lights:
Future Aire installs germicidal ultraviolet (UV) lamps in Eureka, Manchester, Ballwin, Chesterfield & Wildwood, MO. UV light is known to effectively disinfect the air within your home. Germicidal UV Lamps are used in hospitals, senior care housing, schools, homes and other facilities to create safer, healthier environment. While a clean air filter can capture dust, mold, and pollen, some airborne bacteria are too small and pass right through the filter. This can severely aggravate those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. UV Lights are designed to remove these microbes and other small allergens from the air. Ask the team of specialists from Future Aire how you can incorporate UV Lamps in your indoor air quality systems.

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